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About Millicorp

Millicorp is a network of communication products, services and applications that provides solutions for telecommunications needs globally. The range of services is broad and designed for both consumers and small to large sized businesses. Products such as MilliTalk, ConsCallHome and MilliVox provide technologically advanced solutions to the communication needs to connect all corners of the planet. MilliVox is the wholesale division of Millicorp. It is an evolutionary solution engineered with an advanced stage infrastructure to deliver a reliable, simple to use and affordable wholesale communications network with a global footprint.

A Millicorp Vision

Our mission is simple; we want to continue to solve communication issues globally by releasing new products and advancing technology. We believe by passionately creating products and going beyond ordinary to brilliant we will empower consumers and businesses worldwide and add value to their daily lives.

Millicorp Corporate Value

The corporate values of Millicorp actually reflect our family values. Family comes first and that humble fact gives us the ability to serve our corporate family in the same way. We strive to produce and deliver products and services that exceed all of our customers' expectations for both residential consumers and businesses. We know what we do, can make a positive impact on lives, for that reason alone we remain committed to always go above and beyond what is expected.


As the need and desire to communicate domestically and globally increases so does the need for technological advancements. Millicorp understands the importance of communication and how to achieve ultimate connection and that diverse strategies are needed which is why there is a multitude of brilliantly designed products and services to keep the world connected. The coupling of the evolution of technology and a dedicated and creative devolvement team produces products that are designed for today but with tomorrow in mind. Overall Millicorp incorporates the latest server technologies and a robust network of secure server farms owned and managed by Millicorp. Along with a live sales and support team, Millicorp provides unmatched customer support for users of all our products.

Currently Millicorp maintains secure data collection and storage at three separate facilities for systems redundancy. These facilities are located in Fort Myers Florida, Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Our facilities are data collection and storage locations as well as call routing and origination facilities. All facilities are connected directly to every other facility using secure Virtual Private Networks ("VPNs") with a minimum of 20 Mb/sec (megabit/second) Ethernet connections. Millicorp is trademarked and FCC registered.

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